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It’s real! The first official Dancing Groot toy, from the amazing folks at Funko! 

What They Saw: 5 Eyewitnesses to the Michael Brown Shooting  
These individuals gave their versions of the Ferguson, Mo., teenager’s last moments.
Aug. 19 2014

As of press time, at least five eyewitnesses in the Michael Brown shooting case have come forward. All five witnesses had distinct vantage points: One person was with Brown during the incident, one woman was inside her vehicle, another woman observed the incident from her apartment balcony, one man was inside his apartment and another man was standing outside.

None of the eyewitnesses in this roundup—save for two—knew each other prior to the shooting. They could not have imagined that their lives would forever be intertwined as a result of what they allegedly witnessed that sunny afternoon in Ferguson, Mo.

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When you’re reading a fic and suddenly M-preg.


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Well I did 6th grade wrong


life hack: make out w/ me and tell me i’m cute

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